10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 by Casey Reas, Nick Montfort, Ian Bogost, John Bell, Patsy

By Casey Reas, Nick Montfort, Ian Bogost, John Bell, Patsy Baudoin, Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino, Michael Mateas, Mark Sample, Noah Vawter

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A unmarried line of code bargains how to comprehend the cultural context of computing.

This publication takes a unmarried line of code--the tremendous concise easy software for the Commodore sixty four inscribed within the title--and makes use of it aa a lens by which to think about the phenomenon of inventive computing and how laptop courses exist in tradition.

The authors of this collaboratively written ebook deal with code no longer as purely practical yet as a text--in the case of 10 PRINT, a textual content that seemed in lots of various revealed sources--that yields a narrative approximately its making, its goal, its assumptions, and extra. they think about randomness and regularity in computing and paintings, the maze in tradition, the preferred easy programming language, and the hugely influential Commodore sixty four laptop.

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