50 Ways to Improve Your Powerboat Driving by Dag Pike

By Dag Pike

This is a ebook approximately functional powerboat riding in boats huge and small, working at speeds among 20 and a hundred knots. it truly is approximately suggestions which may basically be picked up from experience—practical how you can make your using more secure, more uncomplicated and higher, regardless of the conditions.

This ebook starts off the place so much different books end. you have got learnt the $64000 fundamentals of powerboat riding, yet now it is time to see find out how to translate those fundamentals into useful dealing with strategies that you should use to offer a greater trip and feature a smoother passage. With assistance from this publication, readers will choose up specialist assistance such as

  • Handling a quick boat in waves and head seas
  • Matching reaction instances to sea conditions
  • Using the throttle to impact trim

    50 how you can increase Your Powerboat Driving distils Dag Pike's adventure received from over 50 years of riding an entire variety of craft from high-speed powerboats and lifeboats to ships. Written by means of the most skilled powerboat...

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    L = LIFT, G = CENTRE OF GRAVITY AND B = CENTRE OF BUOYANCY. We take it for granted that a boat will stay reasonably upright at sea. If you move from side to side in the boat it will heel slightly and waves will cause the boat to heel, but it always comes back upright again. What is this hidden force that keeps the boat stable in a changing environment? To understand this it is necessary to look at some of the basics of naval architecture. A boat at rest in the water has a weight that acts downwards through the centre of gravity.

    You will probably not even be aware of any time lapse in taking the necessary action and it is true that at 30 knots there is plenty of apparent time to take the action. When the speed of the boat increases to, say, 50 knots then the time available is halved and things start to get more critical. Again skill and experience have their part to play here, but the positioning of the controls and their ready availability for action are also important. To get the best performance from any type of powerboat you should assess what its response time is likely to be, particularly the time lag between engine commands and engine and propulsion response, because this can have a significant impact on the way you drive the boat.

    Rather than have the two outboards lying parallel, if they are angled in at the rear end by a few degrees, the propulsion thrust will be more efficient. The adjustment is done on the tie rod that links the two engines for the steering and it is best done at sea. When running at speed, the wake from each engine should meet at a point between 1½ and 2 boat lengths behind. The torque tab, located at the rear of the cavitation plate, above and behind the propeller, can be adjusted to introduce a steering effect on the outboard to compensate for the sideways prop thrust.

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