53.Robotics and Automation by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Here we introduce some mechanisms that are considered essential to the future development of robots and manipulators although the world of robotics under present conditions does not pay much attention. Fail-Safe Mechanism. In the process of operating a manipulator, if it collides with human operators or other machines, a part of the manipulator or the other machine may be damaged due to the excessive force of the collision, or it may lead to a fatal accident at worst. In the conventional design of a robot, a sensor-based control system is used to sense the failure and take appropriate action before a serious problem occurs.

If we regard the blob as being like an island, we can understand the logic of referring to the former as lakes and the latter as bays. Measurements on Binary Images. The following are just a few of the numerous descriptors that have been proposed for representing shapes in a binary image. • Area. • Perimeter. • Distance of the furthest point on the edge of the blob from the centroid. • Distance of the closest point on the edge of the blob from the centroid. • Number of protuberances, as defined by that circle whose radius is equal to the average of the two parameters just defined.

These motions consist of a series of elementary motions, such as grasping [Fig. 2(c)], releasing, transferring, changing configuration, etc. The articulated robot is also used widely for painting [Fig. 2(e)] and welding [Fig. 2(f)] mostly in the automobile industry. 4. Industrial orthogonal robot. This type of robot is mainly used for assembly tasks in manufacturing whose typical motions include accurate positioning and insertion of mating parts [Fig. 2(d)]. 5. Self-propelled mobile vehicle. This robot distributes and collects many parts and products to and from different work cells in a factory [Fig.

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