A Comprehensive French Grammar by Glanville Price

By Glanville Price

Characterised by way of transparent and available motives, quite a few examples and pattern sentences, a brand new part on sign up and tone, and beneficial appendices masking themes together with age and time, "A entire French Grammar, 6th Edition" is an necessary instrument for complicated scholars of French language and literature.A revised variation of this verified, bestselling French grammarIncludes a brand new part on check in and medium and provides improved remedy of French punctuationFeatures various examples and pattern sentences, and valuable appendices protecting themes together with age, time, and size, all on hand in an easily-navigable formatWritten by means of popular French pupil, Glanville rate

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G. moi-même ‘myself’, see 215. g. cette maison-ci ‘this house’, celui-là ‘that one’, see 237 and 238. e. : Regardez-la ! ’, Donnez-le-moi ‘Give it to me’, Allez-vous-en ! ’, Réfléchissez-y ! ‘Think about it’, Voulez-vous ? ’, Puis-je vous aider ? ’, Oui, dit-il, ‘ “Yes”, he said’, Est-ce vrai? ’, Que peut-on dire ? ’, Donne-m’en trois ‘Give me three of them’, Va-t’en ! g. 12 Introduction 8–10 Où va-t-il ? ’, Peut-être viendra-t-il demain ‘Perhaps he will come tomorrow’, Oui, ajoute-t-elle ‘ “Yes”, she adds’, Chante-t-elle ?

G. des jeunes gens ‘youths, young men’, des petits pains ‘rolls’, des petits pois ‘peas’. g. des vieilles chansons ‘old songs’, des petits yeux ‘small eyes’. g. du bon vin, de la belle musique. 45 The partitive article is not used after de, in the following circumstances in particular: (a) after expressions of quantity such as: 36 The noun phrase 45 assez, enough autant, as much, as many beaucoup, much, many, a lot of combien ? how much? how many? g. assez de pain ‘enough bread’, J’ai autant de problèmes que vous ‘I have as many problems as you (have)’, beaucoup de difficulté ‘much (a lot of) difficulty’, beaucoup de gens ‘many (a lot of) people’, combien de fois ?

J’ai ‘I have’, Il m’avait vu ‘He had seen me’, Je t’offre 14 Introduction 12 ce livre ‘I am offering you this book’, Il s’est levé ‘He stood up’, Elle l’adore ‘She adores him’, Je l’aime ‘I love her’, J’y habite ‘I live there’, Je l’y ai vue ‘I have seen her there’, Je t’en donnerai ‘I’ll give you some’. g. g. Puis-je en prendre ? ’, Dois-je y aller ? ’, Donnez-le à Henri ‘Give it to Henry’. g. le grand homme ‘the great man’ but l’homme ‘the man’, l’autre homme ‘the other man’, la petite île ‘the small island’ but l’île ‘the island’.

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