A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials and by Beverley Boissery

By Beverley Boissery

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As news of uprisings and armed battles poured into the city, this decisiveness struck the right nerve for the enraged English. By 11 November armed resistance ceased.

27 EdouardPascal Rochon of Terrebonne admitted that one of his brothers told him that membership 'would secure his property/28 Many could not, or chose not, to understand the aims of the society, seeing the lodges as pleasant social gatherings where the hated English could be safely discussed. Others, farmers with generations of agrarian forebears, mourned the past and believed an independent nation canadienne the sole remedy for their grievances. 29 Not only were members enlisted there, but local leaders would bring in donations, membership lists, and news.

Although it would be revoked 27 April 1838, it complicated rather than simplified the issue for Colborne. Quite simply, martial law had no firm legal basis. In contrast, under a military government, an army's occupation of an area gave its orders their legitimacy. This had happened in Canada when the English had conquered New France and would happen in Germany, immediately after World War n. The internal law within the armed forces in 1759 and in 1838 was defined by the relevant Articles of War and Mutiny acts.

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