A descriptive grammar of huastec (Potosino dialect) by Edmonson,Barbara Wedemeyer

By Edmonson,Barbara Wedemeyer

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In a Minimalist framework, Comilescu (present volume) adopts the hierarchy headed by an M head. However, this M carries the [wh] features of C, yielding the feature combinations [+inf/-wh] and [+inf7+wh]. The former is manifested as the mood marker a, merged in M, whereas the latter lacks a lexical realization, and V-to-M applies, as hi (76b). V-to-M destroys the configuration for Case checking on lexical subjects, so infinitives will have either lexical subjects or wh-elements, but not both. 4.

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Subjects in clause structure. Manuscript, University of Venice. Chomsky, N. (1986). Barriers. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 46 Comparative studies in Romanian syntax Chomsky, N. (1995). The Minimalist Program. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. Cinque, G. (1988). On si constructions and the theory ofarb. Linguistic Inquiry 19, 521-581. Cinque, G. (1990). Agreement and head-to-head movement in the Romance Noun Phrase. Paper presented at LSRL 20, Ottawa, March 15. Cinque, G. (1990). Types of A '-dependencies.

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