A Flash of Hex (OSI Series, Book 2) by Jes Battis

By Jes Battis

After a sequence of brutal murders, Occult distinct Investigator Tess Corday is confident the identification of the killer is locked in her personal head. the single query is-how many ideas is she keen to wreck to get to the reality?

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Estalian brandy, looted from the cellars of a baronet in Ostland, was one of the few vices the doktor allowed himself. The rich liquor helped him to think, to ease his anxieties and doubts. Idly, he wondered if he might not relocate to the arid hill country of Estalia one day and thereby ensure a plentiful supply of the spirit. A foul smell disturbed Weichs’ repose. The plague doktor looked up, noting with dismay the quivering, cringing shapes of his skaven assistants. The ratmen were cowering behind their apparatus, rodent faces hidden behind glass tubing and lead vessels.

Small green-black stones were placed beneath the press and ground by the ratman into fine black powder. Such a small thing, yet the warpstone dust formed the very life-blood of his experiments. It could be combined with other substances, the mixtures refined until their disparate parts became a single whole. Given the right combination and conditions, the noxious properties of the warpstone could be controlled. Negated. Reversed. Or so Weichs was convinced. The ancient alchemists and warlocks had experimented with what they had called wyrdstone, and written much about its curative abilities.

The witch hunter sighed as he watched the woman discard her soiled handkerchief. When they arrived at their ultimate destination, he hoped she at least would have the good sense to stay out of the way. “You are wise to keep an eye on her,” Meisser whispered from beside him. ” Thulmann arched an eyebrow, staring intently at Meisser’s swinish face. There was no mistaking the innate cunning he saw there. “Indeed,” he mused. ” “Actions speak more loudly than words,” Meisser stated. “She’s been a thorn in my side ever since the quarantine was established.

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