A Lao grammar for language learners by Pamela Sue Wright

By Pamela Sue Wright

Lao Grammar for Language newbies, A

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The job of these words is to establish logical relationships between the different parts of sentences. What does “to show logical relationships in a sentence” mean? For example, if we say, I went to the store this sentence has a different meaning than if we say, I went by the store. The only difference between the two sentences is the change of prepositions from to to by, but it is these words which indicate a difference in the relationship between I went and the store. Because English depends on word order to show grammatical relationships, these structure words are essential sentence elements.

Explain which derivational morphemes you found that identify the class to which a word belongs. 4. Discuss the meaning of each derivational morpheme you identified. 44 2 Morphology r r Limit your examination to common derivational morphemes. Do not look at obscure and/or forgotten roots. Keep in mind that you are looking for derivational morphemes that will help your students decode meaning and function. Example: partnership: partner + ship The suffix -ship is only used with nouns. -ship refers to position or skill as in professorship or penmanship.

As a group, these morphemes are called affixes. We further distinguish what kind of affixes they are by where they occur. If they come before another morpheme, they are called prefixes. If they come after, they are called suffixes. Some common affixes are: prefixes dis- inter- bi- un- suffixes disinherit disclaimer disregard interdependent international interchange bisect bipartisan binary unclear unsure unreal -less -ness -ate -able groundless fearless thoughtless kindness blindness happiness graduate frustrate congratulate reasonable debatable changeable Derivational and Inflectional Morphemes Are there different types of bound morphemes?

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