A Short History Of Christianity by J. M. Robertson

By J. M. Robertson

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Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years

"David Edwards presents a delicate critique that's necessary to these without professional wisdom and gratifying to the theologically knowledgeable. " --Church progress Digest

Ignatius of Antioch: A Martyr Bishop and the Origin of Episcopacy

Ignatius of Antioch (died c. a hundred and fifteen) is likely one of the Apostolic Fathers of the Christian Church. In his letters to different church buildings he re-interpreted church order, the Eucharist and martyrdom opposed to the backcloth of the second one Sophistic in Asia minor through the use of the cultural fabric of a pagan society. He so shaped the assumption and theology of the place of work of a bishop within the Christian church.

Three Greek Apologists / Drei griechische Apologeten: Origen, Eusebius, and Athanasius / Origenes, Eusebius und Athanasius

The amount offers with the writings and the theology of the good Greek apologists of the 3rd and fourth centuries. Its target is to spot the diversities and similarities among them. it may be asserted that there's a Christian-apologetic line of culture from Origen to Eusebius, and additional to Athanasius, and that this has a selected theological and literary profile.

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Hint is No ever given of anything said or done or felt by Jesus on the way from the Supper to the Mount, or in the interval between the Jewish and the Eoman trials. Such a narrative cannot have been originally composed for reading. A writer, whether inventing or reproducing hearsay, would have sought to explain the strangely protracted midnight procedure of the high priest and scribes and elders would have given some thought to the time necessary between event and event would have thought of the Lord in his dungeon.

I, of the extreme improbability of the huddled sequence set § 3] A more forth. mark or less unnatural compression of events 13 is the drama, even in the hands of great masters, as Shakespeare and Ibsen and the primitive mystery-play, as might be expected, is excessively compressed, so as to conform to the recognised Greek rule that the action of a specific of ; drama should be limited to tvs^enty-four hours. " These now proceed, in the dead of the night, to " seek false witnesses," scribes and "many false witnesses" come, to no purpose, till "after- ward" come two who testify to his words about destroying the temple whereupon he is judged and buffeted, and the ; night's history ends with the episode of Peter's denial.

Have been an innovating teacher. It is quite possible, indeed, that as a bearer of the fated name he may have made the form of death said to have been Messianic claims : him suggests energetic priestly or political hostility. But of his utterances history preserves no trace even in the Talmud his story has passed into legendary form. Thus it is not even certain that " pre-Christian " Jesuism The mythic took shape round the memory of an actual man. ' In the shadow of that name its origins are hidden.

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