Across Culture: Student Book (Across Cultures) by Elizabeth Sharman

By Elizabeth Sharman

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Grammar Two

A chain of 4 books progressing from newbie to intermediate point, for college students beginning grammar at or round the age of 9.

The Art and Science of Teaching: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction

Although lecture room educational concepts may still sincerely be according to sound technological know-how and study, understanding while to take advantage of them and with whom is extra of an artwork. within the paintings and technology of educating: A complete Framework for powerful guide, writer Robert J. Marzano provides a version for making sure caliber instructing that balances the need of research-based information with the both very important have to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of person scholars.

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Ученики могут развивать навыки, необходимые для чтения на английском языке уверенно, где бы они не находились - дома, на работе, в путешествиях, учебе или просто в социальных ситуациях с при общении с англоязычными друзьями. Это издание поставляется с ответами.

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