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Oil itself consists of thousands of different organic molecules, mainly hydrocarbons. Whereas coal formed from the action of sediments on accumulating vegetable matter in a terrestrial environment, it is thought that oil formed in a parallel process acting on accumulating microscopic animal remains in a marine environment. Although fluid, the oil could sometimes be trapped below a domed cap of impermeable rock. As well as these deposits of pure liquid oil, there are extensive deposits of oil shales and sands, in which the oil soaks through a permeable rock much like water through a sponge.

There is not much to be gained by using low-N coal or oil, since they tend to have similar N content. Also, a perversity of thermodynamics means that low-N fuels convert their N more efficiently to NO than do high-N fuels, offsetting the expected benefit. © 2002 Jeremy Colls Peak temperature reduction. The endothermic nature of thermal NO generation means that production can be lessened by reducing peak temperatures everywhere within the combustion zone; it is better to have a uniform distribution at the average temperature than to have high-temperature peaks and low-temperature troughs.

1989) Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: Earth in Transition, IBR Press, Arizona, USA. intensive users such as the US (10 kW) or Western Europe (5 kW), and less developed countries having very small energy inputs. The combustion of fossil fuels to generate this energy converts carbon into carbon dioxide and releases it into the atmosphere. 5. 3 shows the parallel growth in carbon release (as CO2) in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Coal was the original fossil fuel used, then oil from 1900 and gas from 1930.

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