An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen

By Henrik Ibsen

Whilst Dr. Thomas Stockmann learns that the well-known and financially profitable baths in his domestic city are infected, he insists they be close down for pricey upkeep. Ridiculed and persecuted via the townsfolk for his honesty, he's declared an "enemy of the people." a robust drama by way of the "father of recent drama."

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Nevertheless, it was with very much the sensation of treading on thin ice that I associated with these girls. I could almost never guess their motives. I was in the dark; at times I made indiscreet mistakes which brought me painful wounds. These wounds, unlike the scars from the lashing a man might give, cut inwards very deep, like an internal hemorrhage, bringing intense discomfort. Once inflicted it was extremely hard to recover from such wounds. Women l e d me on only to throw me aside; they mocked and tortured m e when others were around, 49 only to embrace me with passion as soon as everyone had left.

I disliked the thought that I might suddenly be subjected to their suspicious vigilance, when once the nightmarish reality under the clowning was detected. On the other hand, I was equally afraid that they might not recognize my true self when they saw it, but imagine that it was just some new twist to my clowning—occasion for additional snickers. This would have been most painful of all. I therefore h i d the pictures in the back of my cupboard. In school drawing classes I also kept secret my "ghost-style" techniques and continued to paint as before i n the conventional idiom of pretty things.

A strange combination, but it actually happened that way. This student's n a m e was Masao Horiki. He h a d been born in downtown Tokyo, was six years older than myself, and was a graduate of a private art school. Having no atelier at home, he used to attend the art class I frequented, where he was supposedly continui n g his study of oil painting. " I was so taken aback that I ended up by giving him the money. " h e said. "Now for some liquor. " I couldn't very well refuse, and I was dragged off to a cafe near the school.

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