Android: A Programmer's Guide by Jerome DiMarzio

By Jerome DiMarzio

Master the Android cellular improvement platform

Build compelling Java-based cellular functions utilizing the Android SDK and the Eclipse open-source software program improvement platform. Android: A Programmer's Guide exhibits you, step by step, how you can obtain and organize all the invaluable instruments, construct and song dynamic Android courses, and debug your effects. notice find out how to supply net and chat capabilities, engage with the telephone dialer and GPS units, and entry the newest Google providers. You'll additionally how to create customized content material prone and database-enable your functions utilizing SQLite.
* set up and configure Java, Eclipse, and Android plugin
* Create Android initiatives from the Eclipse UI or command line
* combine web pages, pictures, galleries, and sounds
* install menus, growth bars, and auto-complete functions
* set off activities utilizing Android Intents, Filters, and Receivers
* enforce GPS, Google Maps, Google Earth, and GTalk
* construct interactive SQLite databases, calendars, and notepads
* attempt purposes utilizing the Android Emulator and Debug Bridge

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