Animals and Me by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Kids will love studying all concerning the human physique during this unique publication that units bodies within the context of the animal state. each one part examines a selected sector of the human physique - our eyes, our nostril, our epidermis -explains what it truly is for, after which compares it with the physique components of alternative animals. the dimensions of our mind, the power of our eyesight, and our skill to speak are all checked out throughout the lens of the animal country as a complete. by means of the our bodies of alternative animals we'll achieve a greater knowing of our personal!

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R! r r r Pr Lions live together in mixed groups called prides. There are usually two to three males, up to twelve females, and lots of cubs. 36 Animal families Some baby animals never see their parents, but many others stay with their parents until they are ready to look after themselves—just as humans do. Young ostriches are protected by adult males. The strongest male looks after several families. Hello Animal! A beehive is a fa mily. T queen lays the eg he gs. Her daughters ar e worker bees.

Peck peck! Snif f ! snif f ! Shark Wisdom ! l a m Ani f s one o a h e l i of ocod The cr ongest bites the str animal. any Sharks have hundreds of teeth. They are replaced all the time, so they never run out, and never get blunt. o to tal k w T We talk to each other using words made from sounds. But we ance to te l Hello! w is. Chimpanzees greet each other by touching hands. other Bees d ad ach le o also make signals with our hands, and make faces, too. Animals can’t understand us when we talk, but they have their own kinds of sounds and signals.

Reptile—a cold-blooded animal that has a dry, scaly skin, and sometimes bony plates. Scales—small, overlapping plates that cover an animal, especially fish or reptiles. Segments—separate parts of a jointed animal, especially insects. Sensor—something that can detect a change in the body or the outside world. Tadpole—a young frog or toad, before it is fully developed. Tentacle—a long, thin, and flexible “arm” used to feel and hold things. Vertebrate—an animal with a backbone, for example, all mammals, such as humans.

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