ANSYS Command Reference

Welcome to the ANSYS instructions Reference. This guide features a entire dictionary of detarled ANSYS command descriptions, prepared in alphabetical order for ease of entry. it's the definitive reference for proper command utilization, delivering accomplished requirements for each argument of each ANSYS command.

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FLDATA25 Sets solution and property relaxation factors. FLDATA26 Sets stability controls. FLDATA34 Sets modified inertial relaxation factors. FLOTRAN Miscellaneous These PREP7 commands are used to control miscellaneous settings for a FLOTRAN CFD analysis. FLDATA27 Controls dependent variable printing. FLDATA28 Specifies that variable results are to be replaced. FLDATA29 Re-initializes a results variable. FLDATA30 Controls the quadrature orders. FLDATA31 Specifies dependent variable caps. FLDATA32 Controls restart options.

BFV Defines a body force load on a volume. BFVDELE Deletes body force loads on a volume. BFVLIST Lists the body force loads on a volume. Inertia These SOLUTION commands are used to define inertial loads on the model. ACEL Specifies the linear acceleration of the structure. CGLOC Specifies the origin location of the acceleration coordinate system. CGOMGA Specifies the rotational velocity of the global origin. DCGOMG Specifies the rotational acceleration of the global origin. DOMEGA Specifies the rotational acceleration of the structure.

TZAMESH Meshes the areas of a volume to create Trefftz nodes. file://D:\Documents%20and%20Settings\Administrator\Local%20Settings\Temp\~hh... 2004 Command Groupings TZDELE TZEGEN Page 26 of 49 Deletes the Trefftz superelement, associated constraint equations and all supporting Trefftz files. Generates a Trefftz domain substructure and defines a Trefftz superelement for use in electrostatic analysis. Perfectly Matched Layers This PREP7 command is used to create perfectly matched layers (PMLs) designed to absorb high frequency waves PMLOPT Defines perfectly matched layers (PMLs) for a high-frequency analysis.

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