Apple Macbook-Pro Service Manual

Даны основы организации, идеологии и архитектуры, объединяющие различные версии UNIX. Рассматриваются: архитектура ядра (подсистемы ввода/вывода, управления памятью и процессами, а также файловая подсистема), программный интерфейс (системные вызовы и основные библиотечные функции), пользовательская среда (командный интерпретатор shell, основные команды и утилиты) и сетевая поддержка (протоколы семейства ТСР/IР, архитектура сетевой подсистемы, программные интерфейсы сокетов и TLI).Во второе издание включен новый материал по операционным системам Linux и FreeBSD, удалены темы, утратившие актуальность, скорректирован набор описываемых системных вызовов и библиотечных функций, добавлен глоссарий англоязычных терминов.Для студентов, преподавателей, пользователей и системных администраторов.

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14. Reinstall the protective cover over the area shown. Line up the edges carefully with the residual adhesive, then carefully burnish down the edges to secure. (top case shown rotated) MacBook Pro Take Apart — Keyboard 54 15. Replace the insulator film in the same locations as they were removed. Ensure the holes in the film match up correctly with the screw bosses. Avoid wrinkles and bulges. If installing a replacement top case, use the new film if supplied. Important: The film must be installed and in the same location to protect against contact and electrical shorting in certain areas and to allow contact with the EMI spring on the logic board.

Lay the top case flat, and upside down. 10. Pull on the flex cables to verify that they are not bent or caught under the keyboard, and that they extend to their connectors. 11. Verify that the screw holes align with the screw bosses and install all ten keyboard screws, starting from the middle and work out. 12. Bend the four bend-tabs over the metal of the bottom case to secure the bottom edge of the keyboard. Important: The bend-tabs are delicate. Bend them carefully to avoid damage and no more than 90-degrees, or to, or within, any etch marks, if present.

A black stick is used to avoid damaging the screw boss threads—do not use a metal tool. 12. Important: During this procedure, do not allow the tabs or metal edge of the keyboard to scrape along the cosmetic surface of the top case, or damage can result. MacBook Pro Take Apart — Keyboard 46 13. Use your finger to hold the bowed out keyboard. Continue to bow it out only enough for the tabs on one side of the keyboard to release cleanly. Repeat for the other side. Important: Do not bow the keyboard too much, or it may become permanently bent.

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