Army of God: Joseph Kony's War in Central Africa by Tim Hamilton, David Axe

By Tim Hamilton, David Axe

Joseph Kony is the main harmful guerilla chief in smooth African history.

It all started with a trip from spirits. In 1991, Kony claimed that non secular beings had come to him with directions: he was once to guide his team of rebels, the Lord’s Resistance military, in a chain of brutal raids opposed to traditional Ugandan civilians. many years later, Kony has sown chaos all through important Africa, kidnapping and terrorizing numerous innocents—especially youngsters. but regardless of a major worldwide outcry, the Kony 2012 flow, and a world army intervention, the carnage has persevered. Drawn from on-the-ground reporting via struggle correspondent David awl and starkly illustrated by way of Tim Hamilton, Army of God is the first-ever picture account of the worldwide phenomenon surrounding Kony—from the devastation he has left at the back of to the lengthy crusade to defeat him for good. 

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